Dream of a Better World – Then Make it Happen

  • A portion of the proceeds from the Tempe Townhome project will go to the CASA to help their work with emotional intelligence. Casa Center for Positive Social Change
Casa Cares
About the Casa Center for Positive Social Change

Imagine on a bar graph that the left bar represents meanness, bullying and abuse in our society, and that the right bar represents love, kindness, and empathy. Tragically in our society, the left side is significantly higher than the right; particularly in schools where bullying is the pathway to popularity.

Historically, in America we have attempted to decrease the left bar of meanness, and violence through campaigns and messages to “stop the violence”. Casa has learned through our extensive experience that public awareness and education to decrease the negative are not working.

Instead, the answer to decrease negative conditions is to focus on promoting and teaching positivity, emotional intelligence and healthy relationship skills to replace the learned, negative behaviors. The transition for our agency has been incredibly positive, effective and contagious as we find people all of ages are thirsting for these skills.

Therefore, we are certain that teaching emotional intelligence and healthy relationships is the solution to increase harmony and decrease cruelty. The result is positively powerful

Casa Center for Positive Social Change
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